A Swimsuit for every Woman


While our body shapes frustrate us on a regular basis, they become even more annoying when swimsuit shopping — a task that is difficult because every woman is so conscious of her flaw.

But at K Bella Swim, we believe ALL sizes and shapes can be beautiful and ALL women can be confident in themselves. Whether you want to lengthen your torso or legs or pump up your booty, we’ve got a suit for you!


1. Athletic Body

You need more curves! Luckily this is easily done with a top with cups, padding, and gathering, and by picking girlie prints and bright colors. Avoid straight-across bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, or shapeless one-pieces, as this will only enhance your athletic figure. Show off your well-toned body and a flat tummy with this lovely two-piece bikini.



 2. Small chest or flat booty

Don’t be afraid to show off a bit more flesh, since you don’t have to fear ‘spilling over’ and exposing more than you want; compared to your ‘better-endowed’ sisters. Go for bright colors and loud prints - rock the pool and ride the waves with your confidence. Be bold and go for nice little details like this classy toga-inspired one-piece.



 3. Huge chest or booty

Sorry, string bikinis are not your friend! Look for thicker bathing suit straps and more cloth coverage for extra support. The best design for you will have enough fabric so you’re not constantly pulling for more coverage. But you can still have fun with this bold plunging neckline number which flaunts your chest and yet has ample coverage for your bottom.



 4. Short torso or legs

Ever wish your torso was longer? Now you can, halter straps draw attention to your neck and shoulders creating the illusion of a long slender body. Wish you have longer legs? There’s hope if you’re vertically challenged, go for suits with high cuts in the leg. If you’re brave, go for a thong for added lengthening potential.


Finally, every woman can feel confident in and out of the water! K Bella Swim presents swimwear that flatters every figure, with elegant designs to suit different body shapes. By doing that, K Bella Swim hopes to promote the natural beauty of women of any size or race. So, for all the women out there, it’s time to find yourself with #kbellababes!




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