Amazing BFF gift ideas (Part 1)


It’s holiday season once again, how time flies. Time to go present-hunting again!

Wondering how to find the perfect gift for the most important person of our lives? Who else but our beloved BFFs – the ones who stay up with us all night when we’re down, who takes us out for a spin, who still answers and replies your messages in the middle of the night. Don’t you think your best friend deserves something extra special for standing by you through thick and thin and for being our “soul mates”? 

Stumped on what to get your bestie, this handy holiday gift guide is what you need! Here are some of our gift ideas, which we think you’ll fall in love too.


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 1. For the inspiration seekers

Besides trinkets and stones or bracelets, there’re a ton of other nice little mementos. Think inspirational, motivational stuff, like bookmarks, card, posters, or mugs with motivational quotes. Besides, coasters, rugs or even table top display will do too. Get the idea?


 2. For the Homemade Body


Which woman doesn’t like the nice smelling beauty products, and better still if they’re ALL natural? No, you don’t have to pay for expensive products if you make them yourself.

Before you start skipping this tip, it’s not that difficult to make your own homemade scrub. What better gift for your BFF than natural skin scrub?

Get creative and make her a personalized body scrub which she will treasure for days on end. Ok, we’ll share with you an easy peasy, fail-proof recipe: Vanilla Coconut Brown Sugar Scrub:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all ingredients together. Stir it all together until the mixture is smooth. Mix it all up and scoop it into a pretty mason jar. The base of this scrub is Coconut oil, which is subtly fragrant and a superb moisturiser for the skin. In fact, you can easily substitute with citrus fruits instead of vanilla to get a citrus fragrance. We cannot get enough of this recipe!

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 3. Home-made healthy chocolate chip cookie

Okay, since we got started with homemade body scrub, why not homemade cookies? Even better, make it a guilt-free version by making it healthy!

How’s how: reduce the sugar or use brown sugar and go easy on the chocolate or even substitute chocolate with healthy nuts!

Here’s the recipe (tried and tested ourselves) from 



1 ¾ cup of All Purpose Flour

¾ cup of Unsalted Butter, softened at room temperature

1 Tbsp of Vegetable shortening, softened at room temperature

½ cup of Brown Sugar

¼ cup of Granulated sugar

1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

1 Egg

¼ tsp of Salt

½ tsp of Baking Soda

1 tsp of Baking Powder

1 cup of Semisweet Chocolate Chips


1)  Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, line a few baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

2) In the mixing bowl, cream together butter, shortening, both kinds of sugar, egg, vanilla and mix until combined.

3) In a small bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder and baking soda, then add it to the butter mixture, mix together until combined.

4) Add the chocolate chips and mix them in until evenly distributed.

5) Using a small ice cream scoop (1 Tbsp measure) scoop out the cookie dough onto baking sheets.

6) Bake for 9 to 11 minutes or until the edges are a lovely light golden color, allow to cool completely.


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There you have it, it’s not that difficult and you only need 2 hours or so, over a weekend to turn up batches of this goodie. They’re so good, you may even want to start distributing them in your office or family gatherings.


There you have it, we’ve given you 3 ideas to start off. In case these don’t really work for you or your BFFs, stay tuned for our next post for other amazing ideas!


See ya!




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