Caring for your Swimwear

You chose the right design, the right cutting and material. You finally bought your designer swimsuit. It is stylish, feels silky smooth, hugs your body at the right places. You feel confident in it, from the five-star hotel pool, to the Aegean Sea, and the Waikiki beach.

Now the question is how do you preserve your swimsuit so it can look as good as long as it lasts. Instead of leaving things to chances, you can do something to care for your designer swimsuit, so it will continue to hug your body in the right places, giving you a sculpted silhouette in and out of the water.

Here are some simple tips or pointers to note:


1. Keep the sunscreen off

Your skin needs protection but not your swimsuit. Keep all your sunscreen off your luxury swimwear. These products with all their chemicals can stain your swimsuit or damage its fabric.


2. Keep sand, salt and chlorine away!

Keep your butt out of the sand when you are on the beach. Ensure you always bring a beach towel. And if you happen to be caught without one, look for a sheet or any smooth surfaces to sit on. Surfaces that are rough will damage your swimsuit’s fibres. With damaged fibres, your swimsuit will look older than they really are.

Remember to wash your swimsuit with clean water every time after you’re done swimming. Your swimsuit’s biggest enemies, besides sunscreen, are chlorine and salt water, as they can fade bright colours.


3. Keep it away from Plastic

How many of us are guilty of this – putting our swimsuits in plastic bags. This is especially true when we travel and pack it into our luggage. Your swimsuit will not only suffocate, but it will also encourage the growth of mould within the fibres. It’s time to let your swimsuit breathe.


4. Skip the washing machine and dryer

Be gentle with your swimsuit. Do not toss your swimsuit into the washer. It needs your tender loving care, so wash it with your hands. Wash swimsuits separately by hand with cool water and mild soap, and rinse thoroughly. Just as you should not machine wash your swimsuit, you should not machine dry it either. Remember detergents and excessive heat will damage your suit.

Bonus tip: Your swimsuit does not need a tan. Please remember to keep it out of the sun. Never leave it out in the sun, instead air dry it in the cool of the shade.




It is not that difficult to maintain your designer swimwear’s high quality and to maintain its perfect fit for your beach body. How have you been taking care of your swimsuit? Feel free to share with us.


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