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Let’s face it, every woman has some body shapes or flaws which we wish to hide. This becomes a major problem when we shop for swimwear. Due to being conscious about their bodies, women usually find it hard to find a swimsuit that can fulfil their need – the need to feel secure.

Bikinis may be too little coverage for some; while one-piece suits may be figure hugging at the wrong places and may show off some unwanted bulges. Most swimwear, it seems are created for skinny models who have picture perfect body. How about the rest of the women?

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Every woman is a beauty

Finally, every woman can feel confident in and out of the water - K Bella Swim presents swimwear that flatters every figure! K Bella Swim is a swimwear line for fashionable, confident, and sun chasing women. Designed with love by Russian fashion model Katya Shay in Singapore and created from high-quality fabrics with a luxurious feel. The elegant designs suit both the fashionable and the practical.


kbellababe, kbellaswim, bikini, swimsuit, swimwear, beach, sea sports


Designed in Singapore

Based in tropical Singapore, K Bella swim is the brainchild of Katya Shay.  Katya was raised on the Black Sea beaches of the resort town of Sochi on the Russian Riviera. While working on the seashore, she developed a passion for beach culture and desire to live where every day is summer. While chasing the sun she travelled around Asia as a fashion model before finally settling in tropical Singapore.

K Bella swimwear is 100% designed in Singapore and manufactured to the highest quality. There’s a design for everyone, from sexy two-piece bikinis, to elegant one-piece suits. Feeling a little adventurous? You can even mix-and-match tops and bottoms for your own distinctive beach look.


kbellababe, kbellaswim, bikini, swimsuit, swimwear, beach, sea sports



Design Inspiration

Most of Katya’s inspiration came from her travels and her other loves - tropical sunsets and nature. In fact, the design inspiration her first collection for K Bella Swim was from tropical birds in Singapore which she sees almost every day from my condominium balcony and the nearby parks.


K Bella Swim’s design is all about infusing style with function; through elegant, sexy silhouettes. Ultimately to design quality swimwear for sun chasing, confident, and fashionable women – of all shapes and sizes.

By doing that, K Bella Swim hopes to promote natural beauty of women of any size or race. So, for all the women out there, it’s time to find yourself with #kbellababes!

 kbellababe, kbellaswim, bikini, swimsuit, swimwear, beach, sea sports


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