Packing Tips for Your Weekend Beach Getaway

Singapore is blessed to have the sun all year round. And even so our neighboring countries. So, if you’re planning a short escapade to some nearby beach, we’ve tips for you. We have come up with this list to help you in packing easy and light!

  1. Make a packing list

Start getting organized with a list so it’s easy to keep track and ensure you don’t miss out anything.

  1. Pick a color scheme

The best bet is always to start with a neutral (white, black, or beige) then pair it with another bright color.

packing for vacation flatlay

  1. Up your shoe game

Shoes are bulky and take up luggage space, to pack light, think dual-function. Pick a sandal that translates from shopping to dinner, beach to lunch and a sneaker for adventure or a workout.

  1. Nail your Bags

Likewise, the same concept as for shoes, think double-function for bags too. A beach bag (doubles for shopping), clutch (stretches from day-to-night).

 beach bags for holidays - k bella swim


  1. Space Savers

Roll your jeans and tops, stuff socks in shoes, jewels in your clutch

  1. Get Active

Don't forget your bathing suit and workout gear! Get creative – your one-piece swimsuit can work wonder as a bodysuit as well! Go ahead and try it out.



Wear your jacket, scarf and bulkiest shoes on the plane so you stay warm on the flight and ease the load on the baggage. 

 Try these tips out for yourselves and we’d LOVE to hear if they work for you. And feel free to share your favorite packing tips too!



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