new year resolution

  • New Year Resolution for your Soul

    There are many types of New Year’s resolutions: fitness ones, diet ones, beauty ones.  To end this whole series on new year resolutions, we are introducing here resolutions for the soul – small practices that can enhance our sense of wellbeing. Read on and be prepared to be enlightened ! View Post
  • New Year Resolution for healthy Eating

    After all the year-end feasting, we could all do well with some healthy eating habits. Yes, healthy eating can work, and work wonders for your body! Cheer up and read on for the five do-able New Year’s resolutions for a healthier eating this year.

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  • New Year Resolution for your Skin

    How often have we heard this line “The New Year is a great time for a New You!” As cliché as it seems, it does make sense. The new year is a great time to review our habits, tweak some of them, toss out the irrelevant ones and make new ones. What are you planning to do with your skin this year? Read on for our top skincare resolutions you can follow.

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