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  • Solutions for your top 5 swimwear problems

    As women, we know It’s never easy shopping for a swimsuit. Even if you’ve bought one, you’ll still be shopping for a more ideal one to flatter your figure. Often, we feel our swimsuits either reveal too much or hide too much. Take heart, we’ve round up some of the most common problems women face and come up with solutions for you. View Post
  • New Year Resolution for your Skin

    How often have we heard this line “The New Year is a great time for a New You!” As cliché as it seems, it does make sense. The new year is a great time to review our habits, tweak some of them, toss out the irrelevant ones and make new ones. What are you planning to do with your skin this year? Read on for our top skincare resolutions you can follow.

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  • Caring for your Swimwear

    You finally bought your designer swimsuit. It is stylish, feels silky smooth, hugs your body at the right places. Now the question is how do you preserve your swimsuit so it can look as good as long as it lasts. Here are some simple tips or pointers to note:

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