• New Year Resolution for healthy Eating

    After all the year-end feasting, we could all do well with some healthy eating habits. Yes, healthy eating can work, and work wonders for your body! Cheer up and read on for the five do-able New Year’s resolutions for a healthier eating this year.

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  • K Bella Swim made with Italian Lycra

    From waves and salty water, to chlorine, sun, and oily sunscreens. How heavy duty (durable) your bikini or swimsuit is depends on whether it has a secret ally: Its fabric. 


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  • Packing light for cold Weather

    It’s the year end again – a time when most of us go for our long holiday. Here staying in the tropics, some of you may want a change and travel to a place to enjoy a white Christmas. let’s face it: packing for cold weather is no mean feat. Here are some handy packing tips to ensure you don’t end up with overweight baggage. View Post